Brainspace for Enterprise

Put the unique, collective intelligence of your organization at the fingertips of everyone. Accelerate the discovery of relevant information, unique insights, and connections to peers and experts in context.


Brainspace meaningfully connects the people and ideas within an organization. Using our large-scale machine learning platform, business users can discover relevant content and expertise, in context, from any internal or external information sources. 

Brainspace unlocks the knowledge trapped within organizational silos, suggesting new content and continually connecting people to the most valuable information. Brainspace for Enterprise is a new breed of intelligent work experience for the knowledge-driven enterprise.

Your company is full of ideas. Brainspace connects them.

Stop Searching and Start Discovering

Drive social learning, unlock tacit knowledge, and discover expertise across your entire workforce. Brainspace displays conceptually related content and collections in context, even if you don't know what to ask for.

Capture the Collective Intelligence of Your Business

Brainspace employs advanced machine learning to create connections and identify relevancy within vast volumes of public and private unstructured content.

Improve Problem-solving Capabilities and Speed of Innovation

Help your teams contextually discover and informally share information, increasing agility, tacit knowledge transfer and transparency within the organization.

Stay Persistently Connected

Smart collections automatically attract content and people related to your employee’s interests, helping them find and connect with information they never thought to search for.

Collaborate to Exchange Knowledge, Ideas and Research

Create collaborative Brainspaces where teams can organize, annotate and discuss their research activities, while passively attracting contextually relevant content and experts.

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High-Quality, Curated Content That Comes to You

Brainspace ingests information from private company sources (e.g. document management systems, websites, portals, archives and premium content subscriptions), as well as public sources from the Global Brainspace, including thousands of RSS feeds, curated social media feeds and other free and premium publishers. Users are able to save and organize content from anywhere using the Brainspace browser extension.

Smart Collections Are Magnets For Ideas

What good are bookmarks if they sit in folders, unused? Brainspace learns from everything a user saves, reads and annotates, automatically attracting relevant content and people.


Interact with Your Company's Brain

Easily see the concepts that Brainspace has extracted and inferred from the articles within. As new articles and documents are curated, Brainspace continually adapts its understanding. Users can easily add and ignore concepts to further enhance discovery.

Built For The Enterprise


Your Own Brain

Capture your organization’s collective learning as an asset—a Brainspace—that your people can engage to discover, share and connect with knowledge and one another in context.


Single Sign-On

Brainspace integrates with directory services, such as LDAP, to provide a single identity for all your employees.



Brainspace takes every precaution to make sure your confidential information stays that way. All enterprise data is encrypted and available only to your company.



Brainspace aggregates thousands of sources including the curated web, premium subscriptions & internal documents. See relevant results from all sources in one view.

The ability to discover relevant content from our internal, external and premium sources is something only Brainspace can provide. It’s rocket fuel for innovation.
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