Brainspace Discovery

The industry's most advanced platform for text analytics, e-discovery & investigation.


Brainspace Discovery is the industry's most advanced platform for text analytics, visualization & investigation. Machine learning and powerful data visualizations reveal insight from millions of text based documents.

We are surrounded by unstructured data. Whether it’s Word documents or PDF’s, PowerPoint presentations or emails, up to 85% of organizations’ data is unstructured. Yet when companies talk about ‘big data’ many focus predominantly on structured data, the remaining 15% that is quantitative versus text based. Our patented machine learning is helping companies discover more value within their data. Whether you are an analyst looking to pare down millions of documents to the critical set needed for review, or a Marketing Director looking for instant insight from thousands of survey responses, Brainspace Discovery™ will help you find the story within your data. 

Machine learning intelligence, no lexicons or taxonomies.

Brainspace Discovery™ uses text analytics and machine learning to read and understand each document, extracting concepts and meaning, connecting related documents, even those that say the same thing different ways. From a powerful zero-state, Brainspace Discovery™ highlights the most frequently used terms and concepts, the people communicating the most and about what, and visualizes related content in our interactive cluster navigator. With features such as Transparent Concept Search, Weighted Search, and Communication Analytics, Brainspace Discovery™ is the ideal unstructured data analytics tool to extract meaning from within your 'big content' dataset.





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Brainspace Discovery for Government

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Visual Analytics

Navigate your data with ease

Intuitive visualizations help you quickly navigate your data. Instantly gain a bird’s eye view through a map-like content 'Cluster Navigator' and a 'Communications Network' view to track email flow (including BCC and traffic volume).

  • Navigate your data more intuitively
  • Quickly reveal the story in your data
  • Intelligently organize data for fast review
  • Reduce the volume of data to review
  • Rich zero-states expose anomalies and patterns

Intelligent Search

Augmenting search with intelligence

Intelligent search surfaces keywords, detects phrases and expands concepts to uncover adjacent material without needing to know the right terms. Take control of your search by using facets, term weights, and timeline.

  • Use intelligence to drive concept searching
  • Shape your search with advanced features
  • Keyword expansion exposes related terms automatically

Communication Analytics

Data is growing at an alarming rate. Understanding the landscape of your data and the network of people connected by that data is critical to finding what matters. Using state-of-the-art visual analytics, users are able to understand who is communicating with whom, about what, and when. Users can effortlessly refine their view of the data by surfacing specific types of communication and the concepts being communicated.


Brainspace Discovery™ is the perfect tool to quickly build a highly focused dataset for deeper review. Visualize documents and people in dynamic clusters, revealing immediate insight. Boilerplate text is removed and duplicates and near-duplicates are visualized for quick exclusion. 

Scalable for Big Data Volumes

Big and unstructured is no longer a problem. Discovery has been used for up to 350 million unstructured documents. Brainspace Discovery™ analyzes and relates millions of terms across your documents, rapidly calculating their conceptual proximity.

Enterprise Data Sources

Brainspace Discovery™ can import a variety of data sources including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange EDB, Adobe PDF, JPEG, Bitmap, ZIP and RAR. Additionally, Brainspace Discovey can connect directly with Microsoft Sharepoint to import specific files.

Integrated Connections

Seamlessly transfer data through fully integrated connectivity to systems such as Relativity®, LAW PreDiscovery® and LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer® (EDA).

Flexible Licensing and Deployment Options

Brainspace Discovery™ can be licensed for on-premise or hosted deployment. 

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Brainspace gives me a quantum view of data, showing entanglements that I might never otherwise find.
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