The power of a 360° view.
Discovery 5 enables a truly unique analytics experience by dynamically linking multiple views of data including: Overview Dashboard, transparent concept search, timeline, document clusters, communication analysis, and structured data facets.
Visual Analytics
Reveal the story inside your data using powerful, interactive visualizations, even with the largest datasets. Our Dashboard, Focus Wheel, and Communication Network Graph are dynamically linked to provide multiple perspectives on any result set.
Transparent Concept Search
Discovery’s truly transparent concept search gives you complete control over the power of Brainspace while helping you maintain clear understanding, taking the guess work out of concept expansion and delivering a versatile and defensible platform for attorneys.
Communication Analysis
Discovery’s state-of-the-art social network visualization enables users to effortlessly navigate the social graph, revealing the content and context of conversations, direction of information flow, CC, BCC, and powerful, simple, alias consolidation.
Document Classification
Brainspace’s unique approach to document classification incorporates multiple active learning methods to accelerate system training, depth for recall for planning and cost analysis, and delivers best-in-class matching results. Review less and decrease costs.
Discovery Use Cases
E-Discovery & Investigations
Intelligence & Government
Pharmaceutical R&D
Information Governance
Powered by
Discovery 5 is powered by Brainspace™, the industry’s most advanced, large-scale machine learning platform. Brainspace rapidly ingests millions of pages of unstructured text, dynamically learning without taxonomies or ontologies. This learning is surfaced through advanced, interactive visualizations, giving the full power of Brainspace to every user.
Discovery 5 takes the large-scale learning of Brainspace and puts it at the fingertips of users with beautiful, interactive visulizations. Quickly and easily navigate large datasets to uncover connections and learn more in less time.
Discovery 5 boasts the industry's best and fastest document clustering technology. Discovery enables users to cluster document results on the fly, revealing new insights in minutes (not hours).
The Brainspace Learning Server dynamically constructs brains from billions of pages of unstructured content, automatically detecting and relating concepts, as well as de-duplication and clustering documents.
Massively Scalable Machine Learning
Designed with scaleablity in mind, Brainspace can distribute its most data intensive processes across multiple servers.
Best-in-Class Concept Search
Use a sentence, paragraph or page of text to retreive conceptually related documents, ranked by relevance or contextual distance.
Give Your Application a Brain
Enhance your existing application by leveraging our text analytics technology—including concept search and data visualizations—using the Brainspace API.
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Some of our Customers
Brainspace gives me a quantum view of data, showing entanglements that I might never otherwise find.
Eric P. Mandel, Indicium Law